Frequently Asked Questions


Wood or poly?

Wood and Poly are both great products.

Advantages of Wood - We can design wider and taller panels without the need for extra supports in wood. Wood has a high strength to weight ratio with no sagging. Wood can be stained and is available in many different varieties.

Disadvantages of Wood - Wood shutters can not be placed in high moisture environments.

Advantages of Poly - Poly is water resistant.  We recommend it for high moisture areas like bathrooms and some kitchen windows.

Disadvantages of Poly - Poly is heavier in weight than wood. The panels must be built in narrower widths and divider are rails needed for taller panels.

Which material do you prefer?

We recommend wood except in high moisture areas.

Will the paint yellow over time?

We use a color fast water based acrylic specially formulated for our industry. Our paint will not yellow or develop surface cracks like nitrocellulose lacquer.

Why is hidden tilt/clear view so much more expensive?

Summit Shutters is at the forefront of plantation shutter technology. Our machines produce a standard tilt rod shutter with consistent quality. The Clearview/Hidden tilt rod shutter takes considerably more labor to produce. The Clearview/Hidden tilt rod is drilled and attached by hand. This add a significant amount of labor.

Why are arches so expensive?

Arches are expensive because they take a large amount of manual labor to turn straight pieces of wood into curved arches. Each shutter arch is different and custom made to fit your window.

What type of wood are the shutters made of?

Our shutters are made from basswood or poplar. Both are great paint grade woods offering stability and paintability.

What paint colors do you have available?

Because we custom paint each shutter, we have an almost unlimited palette of colors and can match a sample of your choice. Our standard paint sheen is satin.

Can you put shutters on a sliding glass door?

Sliding glass doors are a great match for Shutters. Please see the pictures in our gallery.

Once my order is placed, how soon will my shutters be installed?

Our typical production time runs 3-4 weeks. This varies depending on the season.

What type of warranty do your shutters have?

Our warranty can be viewed here. We offer lifetime warranty on materials and construction and 5 years on paint.

How do I get an estimate for shutters or blinds?

Please contact us at 801-313-0299 or to receive an estimate.

Why don't you offer MDF material for your shutter?

Wood and Poly are superior building materials to MDF. MDF is less durable than wood, expands when exposed to moisture and does not hold staples and pins well.

How do I clean my shutters?

We recommend using a damp cloth to clean your shutters.